Contractor Services

We welcome the opportunity to help local contractors better serve their clients. Below is a list of benefits you can expect when you partner with Ceramic Tile Sales and More.

  • Specialized training and expert service—Our sales staff is highly specialized and extremely knowledgeable about each product we sell. We can help your client gain inspiration from the most current design trends, determine the pros and cons to each selection, and see how a particular material will fit within their project and overall vision.
  • Convenience and time savings—Picking the right materials can take time and often requires one or more visits to the store. This no longer requires extra appointments on your schedule. Our experienced staff is available six days a week to help your client through the process of selecting the perfect materials for the job.
  • Seamless transition and standard terminology—Clients no longer have to worry about translating confusing terminology or remembering to send a copy of their order to the contractor. Our team will ensure your client orders the right amount of all the materials needed to complete the job and use industry standard terminology to minimize confusion. Once the materials are selected, we’ll contact you directly with your client’s order.